Real Avid ZipWire Rifle Cleaning System

$39. 99

Real Avid ZipWire
Rifle Kit
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Gun cleaning the way it should be.

We hate cheap gun cleaning kits. We despise all those clumsy, screw-together, bore-damaging cleaning rods, worthless slotted tips, and square cotton patches that don't work any better now than they did in the Civil War. Our guns deserve better. So we built the new ZipWire system. All components feature the patented, quick-connect ZipClip to clean faster. The ZipWire flex rod is the first with a rotating handle to prevent coiling. The ZipJag's multiple grooves force the patch against the bore for a deeper clean. The synthetic, butterfly-shaped ZipPatch eliminates bunching, maximizing bore coverage for fewer passes. Other companies don't think you need a gun cleaning kit this good. True to the core, we do.

Product Features

  • Fits .22 cal - .30 cal.
  • 1 ZipWire flex rod & T-handle
  • 3 ZipBrushes: .22, .270/.280/7mm, .30
  • 3 ZipJags: .22, .270/.280/7mm, .30
  • 25 Hi-Viz ZipPatches
  • 1.5 oz. fillable bottle (no solvent)
  • Rugged portable case